Learning, Training and Competitions

Better Orienteering - Better Orienteering

World of O - World of O

O-training.net - O-training.net

O-training related webpages - O-training related webpages

Attack Point - Attack Point

Educational material (IOF) - education material to use when teaching orienteering

Introduction to Orienteering - Introduction to Orienteering

World Master Orienteering Championship 2022 - World Master Orienteering Championship 2022

Oceania Orienteering Champs - Oceania Orienteering Champs

Park World Tour - Park World Tour

O-Ringen,Sweden - O-Ringen, Sweden

Orienteering Australia - Orienteering Australia

British Orienteering - British Orienteering

World MAZE Race - imagine the same maze and the same courses at the same time in major cities around the world

Quantock Orienteers - a small friendly orienteering club based around Taunton in Somerset

Maprunner - Maprunner

Orienteering USA - to teach map reading and navigation skills

Analysis and Results

Livelox - Livelox is a web-based application for analysis of routes from orienteering races (freemium)

Mulka2 Cloud - Mulka2 Live Results

Live Results - Live Results

3D Rerun - Analysis in fun way

CONTROL Orienteering Analysis - an app for iPhone & Apple Watch for both tracking your orienteering route and analysing & displaying the route on orienteering map

RouteGadget - analysis software (freeware)

WinSplits - analysis of split times

QuickRoute - make it quick and simple to transfer your route from a GPS device onto a map (freeware)

OriRes - application to compare split times (freeware)

GPSSeuranta - complete solution for GPS tracking

GPS Track Editor - a Windows application to do everything with GPS tracks

Mapping and Course Setting

World of O - World of O

World of O Maps - World of O Maps

OOMap - the Mapping Consultancy

OCAD - the smart cartography software

Purple Pen - a course setting software for orienteering (open source)

OpenOrienteering Mapper - free software for making orienteering maps, available on Android, Windows (open source)

DOMA - Digital Orienteering Map

Orienteering map archive! - Orienteering map archive!

OriBooklet - is mobile app for Android. Using the mobile device’s GPS and a simple editing interface the mapper can produce fieldwork very efficiently

Momap - map editing software for Android and Windows phones (Swedish only)

Corpse - assists in the design of orienteering courses and in the preparation of event materials such as course maps and control description sheets (freeware)

Condes 9 - Course Design, Relay Support, Course Overprint, Control Descriptions, Graphics Layout, Printing and Export, Course Layout (free trial)

手機應用桯序 Mobile Apps

Livelox Recorder - Livelox Recorder

UsynligO - UsynligO

MapRun6 - MapRun6

Orienteering Games

Rapid Route - Draw the Shortest Route!

Orienteering Symbols Quiz - Orienteering Symbols Quiz

Orienteering Map Skills Test - Orienteering Map Skills Test

Quizlet - Orienteering test

Ski-o Map Memory - Map Memory test

IOF Control Description Sheet Quiz - IOF Control Description Sheet Quiz

Virtual-O (Virtual Orienteering Simulator) - An independent game developed mainly for PC

Orienteering Unlocked - Virtual Orienteering Competitions

TempO Simulator - TempO Simulator

Rasor lite - Online radio orienteering simulator (free)

Catching Features O Game - an orienteering game you can play at home

Orienteering Games - Orienteering Games and Skill Practice Online:

    Knockout Sprint - Course Choice - Practice for the Knockout Sprint!

    Forest Routechoice - Pick the Fastest Route!

    Up or Down? - Contour Practice!

    Spot the Difference - What Has Changed!

    Photo Memory O - Remember the Map!

    Trail O - Remember the Map! Pick the Correct Flag!

    The Shortest Gaffle - Pick the Shortest Gaffle!

    Matching Maps - Which Maps Are The Same!

    Video Orienteering - Which is the Best Route!

    The Contour Game - Contour Practice!

    Ski-O Map Memory - Can You Remember Which Way To Go?

    The Maze - Can You Navigate Around The Maze?


OrientView - an orienteering video analyzing program which displays the video and the map side-by-side in real-time

Movavi Video Editor Plus - the perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world

OBS Studio - free and open source software for video recording and live streaming

iMove - turn your videos into movie magic

Electronic Punching & Timing System

SPORTident - a reliable timing system

Emit (Norway) - is a market-leading in the Nordic region regarding development and sale of timing systems

emit-uk (United Kingdom) - a leading company in Scandinavia for timing equipment

Administration and Registration, Result Processing

Mulka2 - a software for orienteering result processing (registration fee)

tTiMe - a simple program to generate startlists, results and splittimes from (Emit AS) MTR- or RTR-logfiles (freeware)

SPORTident Orienteering - the Android app for managing your timed orienteering training (shareware)

SIME (SPORTident Mini Event) - is a program for training, score events and small events

SI Simple - Software to process orienteering results, create html version of the results and IOF XML export (open source)

ÓR (Orienteering Results) - software package designed to easily produce Orienteering results (freeware)

RogainManager - program for handling Score-Orienteering and Rogaining events

RaceManager - program for orienteering, running, skiing, and bicycle individual events

Orienteering Organiser & Animator - softwaresuite for event administration, speaker support, course planning and after race analysis

Oribos - the most used software in Italy,single day, multi days, relays, one man relays, score orienteering, chase start, tenths of second, radio controls, dedicated speaker UI, export/import using IOF XML 3.0

O-Lynx - software for interfacing with the O-Lynx radio system for receiving competitor punch information from Sportident timing equipment

OEvent - software for organising individual and multi-day events (freeware)

OE2010 - tools to O-organisers which help them organising a complete event

MeOS - Event administration (shareware)

MapRun - aims to allow clubs to organise regular convenient competitive events (freeware)

HELGA - multi-lingual software for organising individual, relay, score and multi-day events (freeware)

EResults Pro - easy but comprehensive timing software

EResults Lite - easy to use software for organizing small orienteering events (freeware)

Emit eTiming - timing and administrative software for Emit

EasyGec - is used to do the exercises with the eSyGo (freeware)

AutoDownload - results software for events using SPORTident equipment

OrienteeringOnline.net - system which will help you with accepting entries for your competition

定向項目 - 電子打卡計時糸統

Orienteering Projects, Electronic Punching and Timing System