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世界迷宮定向賽暨本 地挑戰

World Maze Race 2021 cum Local Challenge

世界迷宮定向賽暨本地挑戰 World Maze Race 2021 cum Local Challenge

2021年10月1日星期五 10:00-14:00 Fri., 1/10/2021

南生圍 Nam Sang Wai

登記處: 南生圍 大草地

Place of registration: Grassland, Nam Sang Wai

出發時段 Starting Time: 10:30-13:30*

*現場選擇出發時間 Choose starting time on-site

費用 Fee: 每位 $50 per head


Please refer to the bulletin for details of the transfer method.

賽事年曆 Event Calendar - Eventor World:


Pictures and Videos


Official Course and Maps - World Maze Race 2021


Practice Courses - World Maze Race 2021


Results Local Challenge (Excel File)


Results Local Challenge (PDF File)


Results World Maze Race 2021 (Global Results)


通告 Bulletin


網上報名 Registration Online :


賽事年曆 Event calendar (Eventor World):


官方網站 Official website:


截止報名 Deadline : 9月30日 星期四 5pm, Thur., 30/9

聯絡 Contact :

clement@apexaction.com, WhatsApp 93708444


2021.9.25 AA特備中距離野外定向練習

Special Middle Distance Orienteering Practice/p>

2021年9月25日星期六 14:00-17:00 Sat., 25/9/2021

寶馬山 Braemar Hill

登記處: 寶馬山道遊樂場

Place of registration: Braemar Hill Road Playground

出發時段 Start Time: 14:00-15:30


Choose start time by yourself

特色賽程 Special Courses:

1. Easy 容易 - 易走路網 Easy Footpath Network

長度 Length: 3000m

Climb: less than 130m 以下

控制點 Controls: 12+

目的: 練習正置地圖、路線選擇

Purpose: Set Map, Route Choice

2. Open 公開 - 中等難度 Medium Level

長度 Length: 5000m

Climb: less than 200m 以下

控制點 Controls: less than 16 個以內

目的: 體驗野外定向的典型地形

Purpose: Experience a typical orienteering terrain

費用 Fee: 每位 $70 per head


Pay on-site or make bank transfer as usual in advance.

費用豁免條件 Fee Waiver Conditions :



Complete the registration of AA Team Member (Oct.-Dec. 2021)

on or before 25/9/2021.

註隊員冊連結 Link for Registration of Team Member:


網上報名 Registration Online :


截止報名 Deadline : 9月25日 星期五 10pm, Fri., 25/9

備註: 不足十歲的參加者必須有成人陪同練習

Remarks: Participants under ten years old must be accompanied by an adult to practice.



Middle Distance Orienteering Special Training Course

2021-09-11 2021-09-19 2021-09-25 2021-10-23

截止報名 Entry Deadline: 2021-08-28

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理論課 (Zoom): 9月8日(三)21:00-22:00

實習課一: 9月11日(六)09:00-13:00

實習課二: 9月19日(日)13:00-17:00

實習課三: 9月25日(六)09:00-13:00

實習課四: 9月23日(六)09:00-13:00



負責教練: 文惠庭 (三級定向教練)、陳志成 (三級定向教練)、饒戈 (一級定向教練)



1. AATeam 成員優先;

2. 2011年或之前出生;

3. 將會報名2021年10月舉行的兩場中長距離排名聯賽;

4. 有中長距離定向比賽經驗者優先;

5. 積極出席 AATeam 訓練及積極參與定向比賽者優先。

收費:每人每課$200; 最少報三課實習課;必須出席理論課(不另收費)。

報名: WhatsApp 陳志成教練


Middle Distance Orienteering Special Training Course

Dates and time:

Theory lesson (via Zoom) Sept 8 (wed) 21:00-22:00

Practical training 1: Sept 11 (Sat) 13:00-17:00

Practical training 2: Sept 19 (Sun) 09:00-13:00

Practical training 3: Sept 25 (Sat) 09:00-13:00

Practical training 4: Oct 23 (Sat) 09:00-13:00

Training venue: Ah Kai Shan, Shek Lung Kung, Ngau Liu, Braemar Hill, Yuen Tun or Sze Lok Yuen (Tai Mo Shan)

Coaches: MAN Wai Wai Tin (L3 O Coach), Clement CHAN (L3 O Coach), YIU Vor (L1 O Coach)

Quota: 9 trainees

Admission criteria:

1. AATeam members have priority;

2. Born in 2011 or before;

3. Join the 2 middle orienteering ranking events in Oct. 2021;

4. Experience on middle O events has priority;

5. Actively participated in training and competitions has priority;

Charges: $200 per lesson per head, at least apply for 3 practical trainings.

The theory lesson is mandatory but free of charge.

Application: WhatsApp Coach Chan

Deadline: August 28



Hong Kong Mountain Bike Orienteering Championship (II)

Sun. 2021-08-29 (星期日)

立即報名 Register now: https://forms.gle/Z7LGGL78TVL4CL4f8

截止報名 Entry Deadline: 2021-08-23

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日期時間:2021年 8月 29日 (星期日) 上午 10:00 - 下午1:00

截止報名日期:2021年8月23日 (先報先得、額滿即止)

地點:坪洋 https://forms.gle/Z7LGGL78TVL4CL4f8


U17女子少年組 (2004或之後出生)

U17男子少年組 (2004或之後出生)

U20女子青年組 (2001或之後出生)

U20男子青年組 (2001或之後出生)

女子公開組 (2009或之前出生)

男子公開組 (2009或之前出生)

親子組 (小朋友2010或之後出生,為鼓勵親子,必須由母親或父親陪同作賽)。



比賽規則:按國際定向聯盟 IOF 規定 https://orienteering.sport/mtbo/


配額:參賽人數上限35人,先報先得 (以成功繳費時間為準,已繳費而未能獲得比賽名額者,可獲全數退款)。

為促進不同組別人士均衡參與,每組配額 5人,先滿足每組配額,到截止日期各組若有餘額撥歸其他較多人申請的組別。

最佳路線距離:~7 公里


限時 90分鐘

報名費用:HK$100 Whatsapp


主辦機構:晉峰行動 (香港定向總會屬會)

立即報名: https://forms.gle/Z7LGGL78TVL4CL4f8

Hong Kong Mountain Bike Orienteering Championship (II)

Date and time: August 29, 2021 (Sunday) 10:00am-1:00pm

Deadline for Registration: August 23, 2021 (on a first-come, first-served basis)

Venue: Ping Yeung https://forms.gle/Z7LGGL78TVL4CL4f8


U17 Women Junior (born in 2004 or later)

U17 Men Junior (born in 2004 or later)

U20 Women Youth (born in 2001 or later)

U20 Men Youth (born in 2001 or later)

Women's Open (born in 2009 or before)

Men's Open (born in 2009 or before)

Family (children born in 2010 or later,

in order to encourage enhancing parent-child relationship, children must be accompanied by parents).

Prizes: The best 3 in each class will be awarded

Requirements for Bike: Mountain bikes with front fork suspension and front/rear tires with a width of 2 inches or more.

Competition rules: according to IOF rules https://orienteering.sport/mtbo/

Anti-epidemic measures:

The start interval will be at least 2 minutes for all competitors.

Competitors must not gather and wait in the start and finish areas; a competitor must wear a mask at all times except during periods of vigorous physical activity.

Quota: The maximum number of participants is 35, on a first-come, first-served basis

(subject to the time of successful payment, and those who have paid but failed to obtain the competition quota will receive a full refund).

In order to promote the balanced participation of different classes of people,

each class has a quota of 5 people, and each class of quota is met first.

By the deadline, it will be allocated to other classes that more people have applied for if there is a balance in each class.

The distance of the best route: ~7km

Estimated winning time: 30 minutes

Time limit: 90 minutes

Entry fee: HK$100

Whatsapp query: 92089647

Organizer: Apex Action (Affiliated to the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong)

Register now: https://forms.gle/Z7LGGL78TVL4CL4f8



AATeam Wu Kai Sha Youth Village Day Camp Experience Race

Fri. 2021-08-13 (星期五)

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Online Registration Link:


可全日任何時間入營 - 自由享用營地設施包括游泳池

主項活動: AA定向隊體驗賽

17:30-18:45 越野式體驗賽

順序到訪所有地圖上的控制點, 根據完成時間計算成績。

19:30-20:30 黑夜奪分式體驗賽

限時 45分鐘, 每遲到一分童扣10分, 不足一分鐘作一分鐘計。

根據積分計算成績, 積分相同者, 以完成時間較短者為勝。


1. 挑戰組 (>2.5km)

2. 高級組 (>2km)

3. 中級組 (>1.5km)

4. 體驗組 (>1km 容易)


獎勵: 各組前三名 (獎品鼓勵)


越野式體驗賽 (17:30-18:45)



黑夜奪分式體驗賽 (19:30-20:30)

19:30 集體出發


1. 因為定向隊每星期皆有訓練, 如未能參加是項活動的隊員, 請諒解不會安排補課;

2. 歡迎家長報名參加是項日營體驗賽, 於安全的封閉營地體驗定向運動;

3. 體驗組不必使用指南針;

4. 將於8月9日星期一公告活動詳情, 如: 比賽資料和出發名單等。

費用: 每位 HK$70 (包括營費及比賽雜項使費)

請於7月26日星期日晚上11時之前報名, 以便翌日根據報名人數繳交營費。

AATeam Wu Kai Sha Youth Village Day Camp Experience Race

Fri. 2021-08-13

Online Registration Link:


Can enter the camp at any time throughout the day.

Free access to camp facilities including swimming pool.

Main activities: AATeam Experience Races

17:30-18:45 Cross Country Experience Event

Visit all control points on the map sequentially.

Calculate the result based on the time used.

19:30-20:30 Night Score Experience Event

Time limit 45 minutes, 10 points deducted for every minute late,

less than one minute is calculated as one minute.

Calculate the result by the cumulative score, if the points are the same,

the shorter time used wins.


1. Challenge (>2.5km)

2. Advanced (>2km)

3. Intermediate (>1km)

4. Experience (>1km Easy)

(May ask the group coach to recommend the class)

Rewards: the top three in each class (prizes)

Start time:

Cross Country Experience Event (17:30-18:45)

Arrange the start time by drawing lots in advance

For the experience class, will choose on-site the start time between 17:30-14:00

Night Score Experience Event (19:30-20:30)

19:30 Mass Start


1. Because the AATeam has training every week, if a team member fails to participate in this activity,

please understand that no make-up classes will be arranged;

2. Parents are welcome to sign up for this day camp experience race,

experience orienteering in a safe closed camp;

3. Take part in experience class does not need to use the compass;

4. The details will be announced on Mon., August 9, such as: event information and the start list, etc.

Fee: HK$70 per person

(including day camp fee and miscellaneous race expenses)

Please register before 11pm on July 26 (Sunday),

in order to pay the camp fee according to the actual number of registration.


AATeam Wu Kai Sha Youth Village Day Camp Experience Race

Fri. 2021.08.13 (星期五)


Online Registration Link:



AA定向隊 第一階段及第二階段野外定向訓練班




截止報名 Entry Deadline: 2021-07-20


2021年7月31日(六) 5pm-7pm 地點待定



2021年8月1日(日) 青衣


2021年8月14日(六) 5pm-7pm 地點待定



2021年8月8日(日) 荃錦坳 牛寮

2021年8月15日(日)荃錦坳 扶輪公園(或牛寮)

費用 (不包括證書費):


HK$200 (AA定向隊隊員/家長)

HK$400 (非AA定向隊隊員/家長)


HK$300 (AA定向隊隊員/家長)

HK$600 (非AA定向隊隊員/家長)






第一階段證書: HK$30

第二階段證書: HK$40



由 1 對 6, 改為 1 對 3 的小班教學:

上午實習課 08:30-12:30 或

下午實習課 14:00-18:00


香港之巔螢火蟲跑 - 跑步+定向+賞螢

The Top of Hong Kong Firefly Run

Running+Orienteering+Firefly Appreciation

報名連結 Link for registration:

(活動完結 Activity Completed)

截止報名 Entry Deadline: 2021-07-27

奔上香港最高點,看香港特有螢火蟲 - 大帽山扁螢 Lamprigera taimoshana

Run to the top of Hong Kong,

meet the Hong Kong Endemic Firefly - Tai Mo Shan Elephant Firefly



Stream Flicker and other fireflies are also available during the activity

主辦 Organizers:香港昆蟲學會 Hong Kong Entomological Society、晉峰行動 Apex Action

形式:參加者完成2.5公里上山跑賽程,獲發定向賞螢地圖(未能完成賽程者不獲發地圖、 亦不會獲退回報名費用),根據定向賞螢地圖到達控制點(即賞螢點)賞螢, 部份賞螢點有導賞員講解,參加者亦可根據地圖背面提供的每個賞螢點的資料自行觀賞。

Format: A Firefly Appreciation Orienteering Map will be provided to each runner who have completed the 2.5 km uphill running course. No map will be given to runners who have not completed the course and there will be no refund. Runners follow the map to reach the control points (= the firefly appreciation points). Some points would have docents. Runner may also refer to the information printed at the back of the map to learn about the fireflies present at each point.

日期 Dates:2021年7月31日或2021年8月1日(參加者自由選擇其中一日) July 31(Sat) or August 1(Sun), 2021 (Choose either one)


Tai Mo Shan Fireflies Webinar (Exclusive to participants to this event) :

2021年7月29日 July 29 2021 9:45pm - 10:15pm

時間 Time:最早跑步出發時間18:00,最遲跑步出發時間19:00,各人出發時間由大會安排。定向賞螢地圖 19:15,於終點開始向完成跑步賽程者派 發,一人獲發一張。


Start time of individual runner is arranged by the organiser. Earliest start time 18:00, latest start time 19:00. At 19:15, Firefly Appreciation Orienteering Maps will start to be distributed at the finishing point. One map for each runner. Each runner go freely to the firefly appreciation points by the guidance of the map and leave at their own time. All docents and workers will left at 21:45.